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Sailor Rope Maker Captain in Nauvoo Legion Bodyguard to Joseph Smith Mormon Battalion Envoy Captain of the 9th 10 of the original 1847 Pioneer Vanguard Company Gold Rush Trading Post Owner Trail Blazer Cattle Drover Major in Utah War Pony Express Rider & Superintendent of Line from Salt Lake to California Stage Station Owner Friend & Missionary to Indians Salt Lake City Policeman Bodyguard to Brigham Young
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Egan Experiences: “Coyote in Chicken House” . At Deep Creek we had a large chicken house built of logs, the door of which faced the kitchen door, and about forty feet from it, and on the west side of the yard that was formed, which was about sixty feet square. The stables were on the […]

Egan Experiences: “Eating Ants” . When I lived at Deep Creek I had occasion to send some men and teams south to -what we called “Fifteen Mile Canyon” to get some saw logs down to the loading place. They were to stay there till Saturday, then come home with a couple of loads. When they had […]

Egan Experiences: “Father’s Indian Doctor” . While Father was out west on the mail line one hot spring-like day before the snow had melted, he had his eyes burned so bad that he was completely blinded and could not stand the least bit of light, and although he kept them bandaged with dead tea leaves, […]

Egan Experiences: “The Indian, No Legs” . On my way to Fish Springs with supplies for the station I staid over night at Simpson’s Springs. It was there that I first heard of the “Indian no legs.” The boys said, he had left there yesterday morning to cross the desert to DugWayMountains, and said they […]

Egan Experiences: “The Old Man Left To Die” . There is a little spring of very brackish and warm water about a mile north of Fish Spring station and a few rods below the road. Between this spring and the road the Indians had selected as the place to leave a very old man to […]

Mormon Crickets: Food for Indians . The Mormon cricket, Anabrus simplex (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae), was an important insect food of the Indians, all over the West. It is not really a cricket, being more closely related to katydids. It is a large insect, about two inches in length, wingless, and it travels in large, dense bands. […]

Pony Express Stations in Perspective . Overview . The demise of the Pony Express and the Overland Mail Service marked the end of an era in western history. The physical remains of both services are extant on public lands in western Utah and are being preserved, interpreted and continually studied. Over the past few years, […]


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