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Sailor Rope Maker Captain in Nauvoo Legion Bodyguard to Joseph Smith Mormon Battalion Envoy Captain of the 9th 10 of the original 1847 Pioneer Vanguard Company Gold Rush Trading Post Owner Trail Blazer Cattle Drover Major in Utah War Pony Express Rider & Superintendent of Line from Salt Lake to California Stage Station Owner Friend & Missionary to Indians Salt Lake City Policeman Bodyguard to Brigham Young
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Membership Is Open To The Public

Membership in the Major Howard Egan Family FoundationTM is open to anyone who is interested in the history or genealogy of Major Howard Egan, or any of his ancestors or descendants, or in the research, work, or events of the Foundation. You need not be a descendant of Major Howard Egan to join, and as a member you will have access to the research, papers, websites, and events of the Organization, and to the fellowship of its members and Egan descendants. Various items of information on your registration form may be excluded from public access upon your request, and certain genealogical information regarding living descendants may be limited to other living descendants. Membership may be denied an applicant for any reason deemed reasonable by the Board of Directors, and any member may resign from membership and have their profile removed from this website upon notice of resignation emailed to the Foundation or delivered by US mail to the Organization’s headquarters.

Registration Form

To become a member, simply complete a registration form, which you can access electronically by clicking HERE.

No Voting

Members have a voice, but no vote. Voting is by descendant child-lines of Major Howard Egan, not by membership. (For further details see the Bylaws section of the website.)

No Dues

No dues or membership fee is required! – However, an annual tax-deductible donation of a minimum of $35 per household1 or $20 per individual is requested, to help us:

  •         • Extend our community.
  •         • Reach younger generations.
  •         • Embark on new genealogical initiatives.
  •         • Maintain computer equipment and software.
  •         • Develop a stronger Internet presence.
  •         • Help cover the cost of newsletter mailings and other correspondence with members.
  •         • Support family reunions and other events where you get to know Egan descendants.

1 Household = a couple living together; or parents and their children who are under age 21.

Donations Are Needed And Appreciated

Should you decide to help financially, you can make your annual tax-deductible donation electronically, by clicking HERE  …OR you can send a bank check made payable to “Major Howard Egan Family Foundation” to the Foundation’s administrative office: 27581 Lost Trail Drive, Laguna Hills, CA 92653.


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