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Sailor Rope Maker Captain in Nauvoo Legion Bodyguard to Joseph Smith Mormon Battalion Envoy Captain of the 9th 10 of the original 1847 Pioneer Vanguard Company Gold Rush Trading Post Owner Trail Blazer Cattle Drover Major in Utah War Pony Express Rider & Superintendent of Line from Salt Lake to California Stage Station Owner Friend & Missionary to Indians Salt Lake City Policeman Bodyguard to Brigham Young
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Egan Family Day

Howard Egan’s 200th Jubilee Celebration
Egan Family Day 
Daytime, June 13, 2015

Mormon TrailMormon Trail Saturday, June 13th, was spent celebrating Howard Egan’s life. There couldn’t have been a more perfect venue than the

This Is The Place Heritage Park.

It was as if the park was specifically created to commemorate his various life experiences

Daytime allowed families to get to know other descendants whilMormon Traile they explored the park.

Festivities started off with Pony Express demonstrations at the National Pony Express Monument.  Thereafter families and new descendant friends had the day to follow a map, explore 14 Egan-related sites, learn a lot about him, and participate in Egan-related activities.

The following booklet helped keep descendants oriented:

egan ancestor images, art - pg 1

Here are pictures from the event:

egan ancestor images, art - pg 1

egan ancestor images, art - pg 1


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