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Clan Egan DNA Project

Clan Egan DNA Project



dna-3DNA testing allows the male and female lines to be traced back over long periods. At the instigation of the Clan Chief Michael J.S.Egan, the Clan Egan is undertaking the Clan Egan DNA Project as part of an attempt to bridge some of the major gaps in the documented genealogies particularly those occurring pre 1800.

The use of DNA in genealogical research is gathering momentum very quickly. As the Egans were a family who had a major responsibility in documenting the law and history of old Ireland perhaps today’s Egans are morally obliged to be part of the action. In greater Europe names were often associated with trades (e.g. Smith for blacksmith, Baker for baker etc.) In Ireland however the gaelic names were tied to families. This makes the prospect for this surname project very good, as Egan is a recognized ancient name of Ireland. Egans data back to at least 865 AD and most likely well before that.

25, 37 and 67 Marker Tests

Some of the DNA markers mutate/change more frequently and perhaps more unpredictably than usually thought. There have been a number of cases where the markers in the 25 to 37 marker range have changed within an immediate family. For this reason the 37 marker prediction should be qualified by the 25 marker results.

How to participate in the Clan Egan DNA Project and to obtain the Test Kits

Clan Egan has selected FamilyTreeDNA in Texas for its DNA Study. They have provided an excellent explanation of DNA testing in one of their newsletters, however you may also wish to consult their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) link.

FamilyTreeDNA offers a range of tests. The 37 marker test is the one adopted by Clan Egan. Upgrades are available to a higher number of markers without submitting a new sample. IMPORTANT: to receive preferential prices you should first go to the Projects page, follow the links to the Egan study and enter your details there -(direct – caution may change). At the same time as you send your kit in please contact us giving your Test Kit Number. If you wish, please also advise an email contact and your earliest known ancestors details (names, country and county/state of birth) for display on the DNA study WWW site.

The DNA Test Process

The test involves wiping the inside of your cheek with a “toothbrush” like instrument – quite painless – sealing it in a container before returning it to FamilyTreeDNA in Texas.

IMPORTANT: you only need to conduct the test on ONE member of your immediate tree. By immediate tree we mean one that goes back say two or three generations. On rare occasions there may be a change in the DNA between two generations and as Clan Egan’s aim is to link to other trees, it is best to have the OLDEST member of your family take the test. If the younger members are keen to take the test then that may encourage them to take an interest in the family history. Because one test effectively covers all of your immediate family it makes it relatively inexpensive.

Clan Egan may be contacted by email or by regular mail at:

Clan Egan (Australia)
C/O Greg & Sue Egan
5-7 Richardson Road
Croydon North 3136

PLEASE participate. Current results are interesting but Clan Egan needs more participants to make it really interesting.

Other Information

Note that the distance in generations to potential ancestors may/will change by +/-1 as the analysis depends on the latest understanding of the mutation rates of the markers occurring within your DNA. So if you slip by one generation in the latest analysis compared to a previous one do not be concerned.

Mitochondrial DNA (or mtDNA for short) is inherited exclusively through the maternal line. Maternal lines can be tracked back as far as 150,000 years, revealing that almost everyone in Europe, or with maternal roots in Europe, is descended from one of only seven women. Each of them founded a clan whose descendants make up over 95% of modern Europeans. Please contact us if you are interested in mtDNA tests.

There is a useful Genetic Distance Calculator off the McGee Family Surname Site which Clan Egan uses for their analysis.

Most Recent Common Ancestors: (25 Markers37 Markers67 Markers)
Current FTDNA Results


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