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Take a moment to look at artifacts that belonged to Howard Egan and to his family members.

Symposium Artifacts ExhibitMormon Trail

Howard Egan’s 200th Jubilee Celebration had various Exhibits of Egan Artifacts.

1.One artifact exhibit featured Howard and his life experiences.
2. Another exhibit, focusing on Howard’s military life, exhibited his Mormon Battalion sword and traveling trunk.
3. The next exhibit, featuring Tamson Egan, Howard’s first wife, displayed some of her clothing and personal effects.
4. There was also an exhibit featuring Howard’s role in the Pony Express.
5. And lastly there was an exhibit about Howard as a Family Man.

ClickHERE for pictures and detailed explanations of the artifacts displayed at the Egan Symposium.

Pioneer Museum ArtifactsMormon Trail

The Pioneer Memorial Museum (also known as the“DUP Museum”) has a number of Egan artifacts on permanent display, including: Major Howard Egan’s wooden traveling trunk; his eye glasses; his Pony Express lantern; his tombstone; an oil painting of him; land deeds for property he owned; and letters he wrote and received.

ClickHERE  to download a MAP of the DUP Museum floorplan, identifying the location of Egan artifacts, prepared for the Egan Celebrations by Adam Egan

Private Collections

There are also Egan artifacts in private collections. It would be great to share pictures of those artifacts here. If you have any Howard Egan family artifacts and/or photos, please send us a picture of them and we will include them in our website. Simply email them to:


There are various Egan sites both in the U.S. and in Ireland that you may want to visit or just learn more about.

Ireland Birth CottageMormon Trail

This is a picture of the tiny, three-room, thatched roof “cottage” in which Howard was born and in which he lived with 12 other family members until he was 10 years old, when the family emigrated to Canada.

ClickHERE for a MAP and directions to Howard Egan’s birth cottage in The Meelahans, Tullamore, County Offaly, Ireland.

Salt Lake City Egan SitesMormon Trail

Read about and/or visit 8 Egan-related SLC sites: the location where Howard Egan and the 1847 Pioneers camped; the location of his Pony Express office; Howard’s principal home; the Lion House that Howard helped guard; Brigham Young’s grave he protected; the graves of Howard Egan and family members; and the DUP Museum exhibiting personal belongings of Major Howard Egan and his family.

ClickHERE for a MAP and details about each of these Egan-related Salt Lake City sites.

Pony Express Sites

Howard was the Superintendent of the Pony Express line from Salt Lake City to Carson City. On April 7th, 1860, he was also the first pony express rider to bring mail into Salt Lake.

ClickHERE for a MAP and detailed directions, should you want to experience the trail that Howard and his sons rode.


On June 12th 2015, nearly 450 Egan descendants attended the Howard Egan Symposium, co-Sponsored by the BYU Redd Center for Western Studies and the Sons of Utah Pioneers. Four terrific historians gave presentations about “The Life and Times of Major Howard Egan:”

Mormon Trail

Elayne E. Allebest

Topic: “Howard Egan’s Irish Heritage and Emigration”

ClickHERE for her presentation.

Mormon Trail

Ronald O. Barney

Topic: “Egan’s Role in and Diary Account of the 1847 Pioneer Company”

ClickHERE for his presentation

Mormon Trail

William G. Hartley

Topic: “California
as a Driving Force in Egan’s Life”

ClickHERE for his presentation.

Mormon Trail

Brenden W. Rensink

Topic: “Howard Egan’s Place in Western History”

ClickHERE for his presentation



Mormon TrailEgan Ancestors

The Ancestors selection on the Main Navigation Bar, above, provides detailed information on a variety of subjects about Howard’s Irish heritage, going back to MacAodhagáin, the very first identified Egan, who died in 865 AD.

Howard’s Wives & Children
Mormon Trail

The Descendants selection on the Main Navigation Bar, above, gives you detailed information about each of Howard Egan’s four wives and his nine children. By rolling over the names of any of Howard’s wives, a secondary menu will appear with the names of their joint children. Clicking on any of the wife’s or children’s names will give you a short history of that specific individual.

Howard’s Descendants

TheDescendants selection on the Main Navigation Bar, above, also gives you access to an organized listing of all identified descendants of Howard Egan.

At present we have identified over 2,500 of his descendants, 1,600 of whom are living. We believe there are at least another 1,000 descendants we have not yet been able to identify – and we need your help to locate them. Let us know if you are willing to assist.

We have organized Howard Egan’s descendants into “five child-descendant lines,” one for each of his five children
who themselves had descendants.

ClickON THE NAMES BELOW to access
each descendant child line:

1. Howard Ransom Egan
2. Richard Erastus Egan
3. Ira Ernest Egan
4. Helen Jeanette Egan Irvine
5. Hyrum William Egan


The Howard Egan selection on the Main Navigation Bar, above, provides volumes of detailed information on a variety of subjects about Major Howard Egan – including three offerings of his life’s history:

Life Highlights

Howard Egan ClickHERE for brief highlights about Major Howard Egan.

Longer History

ClickHERE for a detail overview of 16 major events of Howard Egan’s adventurous life.

Mormon Trail

Biography of Howard Egan
Howard Egan

The complete 619 page biography of Major Howard Egan, written by historian William G. Hartley, is available through

You can also purchase copies at a discount directly from the publisher.

publisher website:

For more information about this Biography:

In The Spotlight

200th Jubilee Celebration of the Birth of Major Howard Egan!

June 15, 2015 marked 200 years since the birth of Major Howard Egan. This prompted descendants to hold a 200th Jubilee Celebration in his honor:

(Thursday, June 11, 2015)
Egan descendants caravanned with historians along the Pony Express Trail to commemorate Howard’s Pony Express days.
ClickHERE for highlights.

(Friday, June 12, 2015)
Descendants walked the authentic Mormon trail to commemorate Howard’s 7 trail trips.
Descendants visited Egan SLC sites.
View the four artifacts exhibits: Howard’s life experiences; his military life; his Pony Express days; and Tamson’s artifacts.
ClickHERE for pictures.
Four exciting historians presented newly discovered information about Howard’s life.
ClickON THE NAMES BELOW to access each talk:
Elayne Allebest, “Howard’s Irish Heritage”
Ronald Barney, “Egan & the 1847 Pioneers”
William Hartley, “Egan’s California years”
Brendon Rensink, “Howard’s place in history”

(Saturday, June 13, 2015)
Howard’s life experiences were highlighted throughout the This is the Place Heritage Park. At each of 14 locations descendants learned about Egan’s exciting experiences, and participated in activities related to his life.
ClickHERE for pictures.
The Family Party consisting of: dinner; activities (Irish dancing and games); mixers; and an Egan Variety Show
ClickHERE for highlights.
The last event was a fun Variety Show of: Irish musicians and Irish dancers; Egan storytellers; Comedians; Descendant Children’s choir; Pioneer Musicians; Pony Express Poetry; Western Musicians; and much more!
ClickHERE for pictures.

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